Taking dogs to dog parks can be a enjoyable, useful experience. But, are you a bit overwhelmed by the prospect and worried that it will be a negative experience for you and your dog? I can help show you how to make proper decisions to keep your dog safe and take advantage of the benefits of exercise, socialization and fun. 

I have conducted thousands of play sessions in my dog training classes as well as visited dog parks thousands of times. I can teach you the following:

  • How to decide if the dog park is safe to go in
  • How to read your dog and the other dogs in the park to determine comfort level and safety
  • How to evaluate dog interactions to determine if emotions are getting too high and when to step in to prevent a fight
  • How to break up fights if they do happen
  • How to train your dog to listen to you at the dog park

Is Your Dog Unable to Interact Safely in a Dog Park?

DogPark Is your dog aggressive with other dogs or did you adopt your dog recently and don't know his history? I can show you systematic steps to socialize your dog by staying outside of the dog park and interacting safely with the dogs inside the dog park and as they arrive and leave the park. 

I can show you long leash exercises to work on with your dog to help safely evaluate your dog's tendencies. If your dog is on a 30 foot leash and stays 10 feet from you, you can learn how intense his responses are. If he really wanted to attack another dog, he would run to the end of the 30 foot leash. 

I can show you safe strategies for tiring out your dog near the dog park while still interacting from a distance. The goal with desensitization is to introduce your dog to stimuli (dogs) in such a way so they remain calm. I will show you humane, logical and effective strategies to practice near dogs so he gets used to being around dogs and having fun in the process. 

Benefits of a Dog Park

Dog parks can tire a dog out and provide an enjoyable social outlet for dogs and people! Once you feel comfortable with dog parks there is a good chance that you will  frequently include dog park visits as an efficient way to provide necessary stimulation for your dog. It is so fun to spend a bit of time and end up with a dog that is tired and happy. Let me show you how!

What My Clients are Saying

"See all the 5-star reviews for Jeff Millman? If I could give him more stars, I would. He started to work with us and our crazy dog Dizzy about two months ago. After the four-session course, Dizzy's behavior is vastly improved and we are now confident that we can continue helping him become a calm, easy-going sort of dog."

"Jeff is deeply knowledgeable about behavior-modification techniques for animals and gets his superb results from humane techniques only: no choke-, shock-, or prong-collars, no bullying the dog, no harsh treatment of any kind." 

"He despises the alpha-dog theories popularized by TV dog "experts" and used to justify smacking dogs around. If you need help with an undependable, fearful, potentially-aggressive, or just ill-behaved dog, Jeff is absolutely the person you should call."

Helen H.