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Stop Dog Aggression

Stop Dog Aggression

 Dog aggression is a complex topic that requires experience and skill to address it successfully. I have years of experience treating all forms of aggression and will show you logical, effective and humane specific strategies to help assess your dog's aggression and devise a treatment plan that you...

Stop Dog Barking

Stop Dog Barking

Barking can be a very instrusive, annoying, and frustrating problem. All dogs bark sometimes, but if a dog barks excessively, it is helpful to know how to change this behavior. I can help stop barking. 
Stop Dog Separation Anxiety

Stop Dog Separation Anxiety

Separation anxiety in dogs can result in barking, destruction, housetraining issues and can even result in a dog hurting himself after prolonged attempts at escape. I have worked with two separate cases involving dogs that were so panicked they pushed through window screens and jumped out of...